The Holocaust... A Survivor's Tale...

never again...

Education Outreach

Eva’s story and message of peace inspires people of all ages in schools, theaters, churches, synagogues, libraries, prisons, and community centers WORLDWIDE!

Argentina                                   ACROSS THE USA                                 New Jersey

Australia                                     California                                                 New Mexico

China                                            Georgia                                                     New York

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Great Britain                             Illinois                                                      Pennsylvania

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Student Activities

Intermediate 5th and 6th grade students at Waverly East in Lansing, Michigan worked on numerous projects related to The Promise in preparation for Eva Schloss' visit. Poetry, portraits, story illustration, recitations of story excerpts, dioramas, questions and reflections, posters, performance of Jewish folk songs, preparation of Jewish recipes, and further research about the Holocaust.  The students also constructed a chain of goodwill, an activity inspired by the theme of the book. 

Eva and her brother, Heinz, shared their fears with Pappy after the Nazi invasion of Holland.  They were terrified by stories of deportations and killings. Pappy spoke the truth about their dangerous circumstances.  He also explained that all the good we do in our lives carries on, that we are like links in a chain that cannot be broken.

The students listened intently to Eva's sensitive portrayal of her experiences, then shared experiences of their own...their fears, their struggles, their wishes for peace, justice and happiness.

Student comments about "The Promise" -

"We now know that it is hard to cope with death, but if we work together we can get through sad times." Brittney B.

"Look straight and keep your eyes on the goal and you will be fine." That's what Heinz's and Eva's dad would say to them as advice when they were in a predicament or situation when they just felt like giving up The moral of the story is try to listen to your mom or dad or whoever is your guardian because they usually know a thing or two about that problem you're having and they will be able to help you in every step of life." Dylan K.

"Bullying effects everyone, even if it is verbal or physical abuse, they both cause damage."  Caleb H.

"I have never really looked at what others see in me.  If something happens to one of us we all suffer."  Kailyn W.

"Life is to be cherished.  Don't take one moment, one relationship or one friend for granted." Mike S.

"Like Eva's father reminds her, I am reminded that everything I do leaves something behind.  All the good I have accomplished in my life will continue in the lives of the people I have touched.  I want to be remembered for making a difference to somebody, somewhere, sometime."  Brandon T.

"The impression you leave stamped in others memory is up to you.  Just remember that everything you do leaves something behind: nothing gets lost."  Hannah A.

"I tried not to look at the steepness of my goal, the hill, just like Eva's father told her."  Hannah P.

"Most importantly the lesson of this story is to always watch the way you act of what you do around other people, now matter who they are or how close you are to them."  Brittany C.

"The strongest way that this book inspired me was it taught me how much I should appreciate my parents for all the things that they do for me and how they do it."  Brendan W.

"Just for us to have the time to talk and ask her advice about her story and just to hear her story.  I learned something from her, that you don't judge people by their cover."  Shamena

"This book, this experience, has helped me to think about myself in a more sensitive way.  I see that I am a person who is for peace, justice, kindness and patience, yet against prejudice.  I also see that I am wiser than yesterday.  The book The Promise has helped open my eyes."  Ryan F.

"The message the book gave me was to always be kind and appreciate what I have.  I should always be aware of others and care for them too also to help more people and do more common good.  I couldn't believe how cruel people could be.  I think it should have impacted other people to accept differences."  Ronald J.